How do I...Search the Encyclopedia?

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 28-Feb-2007 14:42

How do I...Search the Encyclopedia?

You can search the Encyclopedia from the main Encyclopedia page or from the page that appears when you select the Encyclopedia subheading labeled "Search for a definition" in the Main Menu.

On these pages there is a box labeled "Search term" where you can enter the word you are searching for. The two drop down boxes - labeled "Search" and "Search in category" - allow you to narrow your search to a specific area of the Encyclopedia, or to expand your search to larger areas of the Encyclopedia.

The "Search" drop down box has three options - "Terms", "Definitions" or "Terms and definitions" - to choose from. The "Terms" option limits the search to the words and phrases for which there are definitions. The "Definitions" option limits the search to the text contained within the various definitions. The "Terms and definitions" option searches defined words and phrases as well as their definitions.

The "Search in category" drop down box has a multitude of options. Selecting one of the categories from the drop down list will limit your search to that category.

Once you have selected which search limitations you wish to use (if any) and have entered the word you are looking for, click to find it.

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