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F.A.Q. > John Norman's Chronicles of Gor FAQ
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 John Norman's Chronicles of Gor FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about John Norman and his Chronicles of Gor.
10 Overview of Questions - Chronicles of Gor FAQ.

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Requested and Answered by Simon on 01-Dec-2006 16:14 (4146 reads)
John Norman is a pseudonym used, for his fiction, by American writer John Frederick Lange Jr., born in Chicago, Illinois, on the third of June 1931, son of John Frederick Lange and Almyra D. Taylor-Lange. He married Bernice L. Green on the fourteenth of January, 1956 and he has three children, two boys, John and David, and a girl, Jennifer. He is now (December, 2006) 75 years old.

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Requested and Answered by Simon on 01-Dec-2006 16:22 (4202 reads)
The Chronicles of Gor is a series of science fiction books set on Gor, an imaginary planet sharing Earth's orbit but, because it is always on the other side of the Sun, invisible to human observers.

Requested and Answered by Simon on 01-Dec-2006 16:39 (6101 reads)
Currently, there are 26 Gor books.

The series started in December 1966 with Tarnsman of Gor and came to a temporary hold in 1988, after the publication of the 25th volume of the series, Magicians of Gor. However, on August 16, 2002, another Gor book was published, entitled Witness of Gor. The 27th volume of the series, Prize of Gor, is already written, but remains, as yet, unpublished.

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Requested and Answered by Simon on 01-Dec-2006 16:46 (3291 reads)
Yes, he has. Under the pseudonym John Norman, he has published three installments of the Telnarian Histories (The Chieftain, The Captain and The King), two other fiction works (Ghost Dance and Time Slave) and a nonfiction paperback entitled Imaginative Sex.

Under his real name, John Lange, he has also published several scholarly works, including The Cognitivity Paradox: An Inquiry Concerning the Claims of Philosophy, and Values and Imperatives: Studies in Ethics, by C.I. Lewis, which he edited.

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Requested and Answered by Simon on 07-Dec-2006 10:52 (4674 reads)
In 1999 John Norman began to revise, enlarge and improve the existing 25 books in the Gor series, some more than others. In some cases large portions of new text were added, especially in later books.

Requested and Answered by Simon on 07-Dec-2006 10:53 (5675 reads)
When the original books were scanned to create an electronicly readable edition of the series, John Norman had opportunity to revise the books himself.

This is what he wrote about it in one of his letters:

I might mention, in passing, that electronic publishing gives me the opportunity to revise, enlarge and improve the books, some more than others. I welcome this opportunity to do better in some cases what I hope I once did pretty well to begin with. Too, won't it be nice to have all the books available in new editions, which are affordable? To be sure, one supposes that the earlier editions of the books will, as classics, early editions, first editions, and such, continue to be of interest to collectors. Certainly they are of interest to me, personally.

Requested and Answered by Simon on 07-Dec-2006 10:53 (5755 reads)
It depends on the book; in the earlier books, at the start of the series, only minor changes were made. Captive of Gor (#7) was increased some 17% in length, and Guardsman of Gor (#14) a staggering 22%. On average, the new revised edition is 7.1% longer than the original edition.

Requested and Answered by Simon on 07-Dec-2006 10:53 (4451 reads)
Well, right here, actually. In our Books section you'll find references to all the new books currently available. Just select your preferred format (electronic or printed) and order them!

Requested and Answered by Simon on 07-Dec-2006 10:54 (6078 reads)
Many of the books, especially those earlier in the series, are still widely available second-hand in various online bookshops. If you can't find what you're searching for, just post a request on our Book Market forum.

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