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Site News : Gorean Second Life
Posted by Simon on 2010/12/20 16:17:47 (2661 reads)

December 20, 2010.

The Chronicles of Gor website has just published over a hundred screenshots, in an attempt to document the current state of the Gorean phenomenon within Second Life. I suspect that, during the next few weeks, many more photo's will follow. Read more about this initiative here, and, after a free registration, join the discussion in our Forum.

We have taken every precaution imaginable to ensure that our publication of these photographs does not violate the intellectual property rights of those who were involved with the creation of this astoundingly beautiful virtual world. Also, we have taken steps to ensure that Mr. Norman's intellectual property rights are respected, and we hope to publish an official response by Mr. Norman shortly.

I have also re-enabled the comment feature of our Gallery, in order to allow the creators of this virtual reality to justly claim credit for their achievements.

If, for any reason, you feel your intellectual property rights are violated by our publication, then please do inform me (simonvanmeygaarden@gmail.com), and I will immediately take down the referred screenshots.

Have fun! (See the Gallery...)

Simon van Meygaarden

Site News : New Polygraff Magazine interview now available online!
Posted by Simon_of_Tabor on 2010/11/7 5:56:51 (3398 reads)

The new interview with John Norman, conducted by Polygraff magazine, is now available on the Chronicles of Gor website.

Read More... | 1031 bytes more
Site News : Books Section Updated.
Posted by Simon on 2010/9/8 8:11:14 (2594 reads)

As some of you might have noticed, a few of our Book pages were not available during the last few days. We had a small technical problem with those, and I apologise for the inconvenience. However, as off today all the books currently available in the English language are again present in our Books Section, and to make it even more interesting to browse through our catalog, we have also added a Revised edition overview to every format of the first 25 books, from Tarnsman of Gor to Magicians of Gor. Now you can see exactly what John Norman added to his books. We're showing, in number of words, the original book length, the revised book length, the number of added words, and the percentage of increase. Have fun, and if you have any comment, please use our Forum.

Site News : Download Problem Fixed
Posted by Simon on 2010/6/1 9:10:00 (2255 reads)

Yesterday, when I added the Birthday Card to our Download Section, I tested to see if anonymous visitors could access the card, and I made sure it worked. However, I forgot to check if registered members could access it, and, as it happened, they couldn't.

Problem is fixed now, both anonymous visitors and registered members should be able to download the card. (Lee and Jon, thanks!)

Site News : Birthday Problem Fixed
Posted by Simon on 2010/5/23 8:38:00 (2134 reads)

For the last few week our Birthday Module had a small problem: while it would still display birthdays, it would no longer accept new entries. Due to personal circumstances, it took a little longer to correct this error, but I'm happy to inform you that the problem has been solved, and if you wish, you can again enter your birthday.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, and my thanks to the lovely Lady Violet for bringing this to my attention.

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