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General Posting and Live Chat Room Use Guidelines
2006/11/27 14:10
From UK
Posts: 2402
In addition to complying with the Terms of Service and the Copyright Posting Policy, we ask members to observe the following when posting in the Forums or using the Live Chat Room:

1. Be courteous. Don't threaten, harass, stalk or verbally abuse other Members, use defamatory language, or deliberately disrupt discussions with repetitive, excessively numerous, meaningless or repeatedly off-topic messages or "spam."

2. Debate, but don't attack. In a community characterized by strong opinions and preferences, people inevitably disagree. We encourage active discussions and welcome heated debate in our Forums and Chat Room, but personal attacks on other Members, our Staff, the Gor series or on John Norman are grounds for immediate and permanent suspension of access to the Forums, the Chat Room, or any other part of the Site or Services.

3. Please remember that this Site is for the fans of John Norman's Chronicles of Gor series and Members do not need to consider themselves to be "Gorean" in order to participate. Consequently, we do not enforce a fixed style of address or mode of speech nor the use of titles.

4. The Chat Room is intended for discussion, not for role playing or cybersex. Those Members who participate in Gorean role-playing elsewhere are asked to please remember that the Chronicles of Gor Chat Room is a venue for the player, not the character.

5. Please avoid writing your messages using all capital letters. It looks like you are SHOUTING!

6. Please be careful not to disclose real life personal or personally identifying information about another person without their prior permission. Don't continue disputes from other venues in the Chronicles of Gor Forums and Chat Room, please!

7. When the Chronicles of Gor Staff conduct a scheduled discussion in the Chat Room, please keep your communications to the point and related to the designated topic. In chat rooms it's sometimes difficult to follow the thread of discussion. Shorter posts usually read better and will help keep the chat flowing.

8. Please try to keep your Forum posts on topic. If a particular thread sparks an entirely new idea that differs substantially from the current line of discussion, consider beginning a new thread (use the New Topic button at the top right of the page), and please try to begin new threads in the appropriate Forums. In most cases, for example, questions for the Staff about administrative matters belong in the Users Issue Forum, and purely personal discussions between two or three members that are not likely to interest others are better conducted off-list.

9. Please don't post sexually explicit photographs as attachments or avatars. Considerations of taste and morals aside, we simply don't have the ability to ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations concerning their display on the internet, such as the §2257 regulations.

10. Emotion is hard to convey in the written word and the membership is drawn from around the world; not all speak English fluently. During Chats, especially, it may be helpful to use smilies to help convey your feelings, which you can do by clicking the Options link to the right of the Send button. Not all of us are naturally good spellers, either, but especially in posts, if spelling is not one of your talents, please consider composing your posts first in word processing and using spell check in order to be considerate of those who don't read English fluently.

11. Because emotion is so much harder to convey in writing even despite people's best efforts, we can sometimes misread others' intent and become offended by someone's comments, often unnecessarily. Please try to keep cool. It is often better to offer no response than to offer a heated one and thereby touch off a flame war.

12. Any and all complaints directed to a Staff Member actively moderating the Chat Room or who is the designated Moderator of a Forum should first be addressed to them via a PM or an off-list email. If the problem cannot be resolved promptly between yourself and that Staff Member, or a problem occurs with another Member in the Chat Room at a time when no Staff Member is present, please contact us at moderators@gorchronicles.com. The use of the Report button for offensive, violating or inappropriate posts is explained further in this F.A.Q.

13. Please remember that all our Staff Members are volunteer workers, so we ask you to remain as calm as possible while we try to help you through any problems you may encounter.

14. The Live Chat Room has been opened to the Members at their request for general discussions, but the Staff Members cannot provide 24 hour supervision, which you acknowledge by choosing to participate nevertheless. If the privilege is abused, we reserve the right to shut the Live Chat Room down.

These General Posting and Live Chat Room Use Guidelines do not supersede any applicable provisions of the Site's Terms and Conditions of Use, Copyright Posting Policy or Privacy Notice.

Posted on: 2007/3/16 19:32

Edited by Simon_of_Tabor on 2007/4/7 6:01:39
"Have I nothing better to do? Have I not a thousand scrolls gathering dust on my shelves, unread, unstudied?"
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