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14 2012/7/16 Looking forward to the next book...
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Just popping in

Tal, Master's and Mistresses. I've been a fan of the Gorean saga since I was 14 and that was quite a few years ago.;) I'm so glad that Norman is writing more stories and continuing the series. I'm looking so forward to reading the newest novel! I know it's available on Kindle but I'm an old fashioned woman and like to read it in book form. :)

13 2012/6/20 I really like this site.
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Just popping in

I'm happy to have found people, holding the same views as I do, enjoying these wonderful books

12 2011/10/11 Greetings
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Tal Masters , Mistresses, and kajirae . I am very happy to have found this site to enjoy Gor beyond the books. I am so in love with Gor !!!<br /><br />*Wishes well !* <img src="http://gorchronicles.com/uploads/smil3dbd4ddd6835f.gif" alt="" />

11 2010/10/28 many thanks
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Just popping in

Tal, Masters/Jarls, Mistress, Kajira/Bonds
this girl is happy to be part of this community, and to share, explore, the Gorean viral that has over took this planet.... thank you Brandi

10 2010/10/18 Hello to all
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I first read a Gor book when I was 16, I found it in my high school library, it was the #rd book Priest Kings of Gor, and I fell in love, with the Books, and the world of gor, I bought all the books even ordering the ones that I wanted till I had them all, I left them in my brothers keeping and they were stolen, but I kept gor in my heart, I am happy that i found this site, thank you Mr Norman for writting the Gor books again I have been waiting for you to continue the stories that I love so much, im re establishing my collection of your books as I find them in used book stores, because as this Kajira needs her master,we need your stories. thank you DL

9 2009/4/26 Tal to those Free and those that are slaves.
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Just popping in

Just joined this wonderful site.
Will be returning time and time again.
my Dad had an orginal set of GOR Books, but long lost now, so his daughter is taking up a collection of the newer released books to read. I wish all well and safe journey..

8 2008/10/18 Amazing
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Just popping in

Simply amazing. One of the most valuable resource sites.

Thank You

7 2008/9/3 a shy hello
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Greetings Masters,
Greetings Mistress'
greetings slaves.
And greetings to the curious visiting this beautiful site!

Just dropping a small missive to all Free and enslaved(s)to wish you all well. This girl is not much of a poster per-se, but she is here and watching.

Safe paths and even softer ones..


6 2008/8/17 Greetings
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Tal Free , greetings slaves. I have joined today and look forward to visiting and reading .. maybe chatting.

Enjoy this site as I am sure I will.


5 2008/7/22 Gor seris Paperbacks
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Your system is to complcated for me . I want to buy the older books. Not the newer remakes . Yes , thay would make a real nice set . but , iam not Rich .I just want to read them . I mist some of them when thay first come out . HELP

Note of webmaster: For help in obtaining used copies of the older Gor books, and for help in locating them in libraries, please go to http://gorchronicles.com/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=51. You will find various search boxes and links there.

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