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4 2008/7/20 Happy to have found this site!
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i love this site,so glad i have found it, i am sure i will visit often, i cant wait to order the books, been looking for a few years now, just wish i could order the whole series together instead of seperatly. ah well :) whatever it takes.

3 2008/7/20 John Norman Fan
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Ive been looking for these books for a long time . I thout id never find them . I just took a chance tonight and behold , thier it was . Thank you ...

2 2007/11/28 Greetings!
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Home away from home

This really is a wonderfully designed site! My thanks to all the members who have contributed to discussions this year. And my thanks to the staff members too for all their time and effort this year!

1 2006/12/9 Acquirer
None the Acquirer 
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Not too shy to talk

A dearth of milk jugs but otherwise spiffing

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