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25 2011/8/28 hello
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Simply amazing. One of the most valuable resource sites.

Thank You

24 2011/5/21 Tal to each & every one
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Just popping in

I first started reading these stories at least 30+ years ago & still own an original collection.
I am very happy mr. norman wrote some new books and hope to see another one soon.

Your true fan K

23 2011/4/28 Tal from an old friend
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Tal to all who journey here. I discovered Gor when I was a lad of 13 and, later, used Assassin of Gor in an oral book report in high school. Glorious. Without a doubt, the series will have a legacy well beyond our years. The highest of honor and thanks to John Norman. <br />Yours,<br />HaKim of Gor

22 2011/1/26 Tal to all
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I read these books many years ago. For a while I was lost and now I am glad to be home again.

Weekend Warrior

21 2010/11/27 Great Site
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Just popping in

Finally a true and honest site for those that are followers of Gor. Although I respect all disciplines of Gor, the online role play was not enough for me. In saying that the 24/7 Goreans was not for me. So I have found middle ground and enjoy this discipline the most. I have read and re read the Books of Gor and now with this site I can broaden my adventures. Thanks to the staff of CoG and my fellow Goreans. To my redsilks keep up your training.
Tal Brangon

20 2010/10/28 many thanks
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Just popping in

Tal, Masters/Jarls, Mistress, Kajira/Bonds
this girl is happy to be part of this community, and to share, explore, the Gorean viral that has over took this planet.... thank you Brandi

19 2010/10/18 Hello to all
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I first read a Gor book when I was 16, I found it in my high school library, it was the #rd book Priest Kings of Gor, and I fell in love, with the Books, and the world of gor, I bought all the books even ordering the ones that I wanted till I had them all, I left them in my brothers keeping and they were stolen, but I kept gor in my heart, I am happy that i found this site, thank you Mr Norman for writting the Gor books again I have been waiting for you to continue the stories that I love so much, im re establishing my collection of your books as I find them in used book stores, because as this Kajira needs her master,we need your stories. thank you DL

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Just popping in

Spam Deleted

17 2010/8/6 Tal! to my fellow breathern of the Gor.
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Tal, to the many followers of the Chronicles of Gor. I have just but started to obtain the knowledge and riches found within the Chronicles of Gor! These stories of the counter-earth are filled with such flavor that once a human such as myself starts with the reading I find it very hard to put the book down.

I have as I have stated just started reading the Chronicles. I have read but the first three in the series and can not wait to obtain the knowledge of the 4th after which I intend to continue on through the rest of the Chronicles, even to the point of starting my own collection of these most invaluable stories of the counter-earth. So once again I would like to Tal to all that partake of these Chronicles and bid you all a pleasant farewell until we meet again within the Chronicle of Gor!

16 2010/7/9 So the story continues
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After Magicians of Gor, though fiercely searching with Chino, I was never able to find another Gor book. As the inscription on an Assassin's dagger reads, I have sought, I have found. Although the prices have gone up. If I were a member of the caste of Initiates, I would give thanks to Priest-Kings. Instead I thank "John Norman" for returning to Gor. I think that he is a good fellow and wish him well.

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