How do I...Submit an answer to a FAQ question?

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 18-Feb-2007 20:44

How do I...Submit an answer to a FAQ question?

If the question you wish to answer is already on the "Open questions" list, clicking on the question will load a form where you can reply. Type your answer into the white box labeled "Answer" and, once you are satisfied with what you have written, click on the button marked at the bottom of the form. When the staff have approved your answer it will appear beneath the question in the FAQ.

If you are submitting a new question and its answer, select the "Submit a Q&A" link from the indented list beneath the "F.A.Q." heading at the left on your screen. This will bring up a form with separate boxes for the question, the answer, a shortened version of the question for the "How do I..." block at the top of your screen, and a brief description of your answer for the "Did you know?" block - also at the top of the screen. These last two fields will display on every page, so please be sure that you include which area of the site they refer to. For example: Did You Know..."You can submit an answer to a FAQ question." is much clearer than, Did You Know..."You can submit an answer."

Select the appropriate category for the Q&A and enter the information in the boxes provided. When you are finished, click on the button marked to be sure everything displays properly. If you are happy with the way it looks, click the button. Once your contribution has been approved it will be added to the FAQ.

This Q&A was found on John Norman's Chronicles of Gor :