How do I add a Poll?

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 18-Feb-2007 20:16

How do I add a Poll?

Polls can only be added to a topic that you have started yourself - this can be an existing thread, or one that you create specifically for the poll. There can be only one active poll in a single thread.

The poll will be visible at the start of the thread (on every page of a multi-paged thread) and in the main Poll screen accessed through Main Menu.

To add a poll to a topic which you started previously, select that thread from the forum menu then click on the Original Image button at the top or bottom of the screen to bring up the Poll Configuration screen.

To start a poll in a new thread, begin by selecting the forum category where you want to add the poll topic, then press the Original Image button. This will bring up the new topic screen. If you need help filling in this form, please see the FAQ for "How do I...Start a new thread in one of the forums?" After submitting the new topic information the Poll Configuration screen will appear.

Once the Polls Configuration screen appears, enter the Poll Question and its description (less then 255 characters) in the appropriate boxes. Set the Expiration date or leave the default date if you think one week should suffice. Next to "Allow multiple answers?" you may select "Yes" if you want users to be able to select more than one answer per vote, or you can leave it as "No" to allow just one answer for each vote. If you wish to be notified when your poll has expired, make sure "Yes" is checked for this option, if you would rather not be notified please check "No". Now fill in the list of possible answers in the fields labeled "Options" and, if you wish, set the colors used for the statistics. When you are finished, press to post your poll.

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