How can I register as a member?

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 18-Feb-2007 13:38

How can I register as a member?

At the top-left corner of the screen there is a login menu. At the bottom of this menu there is a link labeled "Register now!" Click on this link to load the User Registration page.

Enter the name you wish to use in the "Username" field.

Enter a valid email address where you want the user activation key to be sent and check the box beneath if you want to allow other users to view your email address.

If you have a web site that you would like to share with other users, you can enter the URL for it in the box provided.

If you want the time to be displayed according to your local time zone you will need to select it from the drop down list.

Enter and verify your password. Your password must be at least five (5) characters in length.

Select whether or not you wish to receive occasional email notices then read the Terms of Service and check the box below to indicate your agreement.

Once you have read the Terms of Service and entered your information, click the button.

If the username or email address you entered are already in use, the system will return an error telling you so. Please enter a different username or email address and click again.

If the information you entered is unique clicking the button will load a preview page so that you can double check that your username, email, web site, and time zone to be sure they are correct. If all the information is correct click to register. If the information is not correct click "Register now" in the Login menu to start again.

Once you have clicked a screen will appear telling you, "You are now registered. An email containing an user activation key has been sent to the email account you provided. Please follow the instructions in the mail to activate your account." When the email arrives follow the instructions to complete the registration process.

Once you have completed your registration a User Login screen will load. Enter your username and password then click . The first time you login your profile will be displayed so that you can edit it to enter additional information if you wish to do so.

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