How do I...Submit an article?

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 13-Feb-2007 15:14

How do I...Submit an article?

In the Main Menu (at the top-left of your screen) click on the link labeled Articles.

When the Articles page has loaded click on the indented link labeled Submit an article - just below the Articles heading in the Main Menu.

This will bring up a form in which to enter your article. At the top of the form is a drop-down box containing the following categories; Essays on items from the books, Inspirations for Gor, and Norman’s non-Gorean books. Select the most appropriate category for your article and enter the title of your article in the box provided.

Note: Reviews and synopsizes of the Gor books should go in the category - Essays on items from the books. Review and synopsizes of John Norman’s other books should go in the category - Norman’s non-Gorean books.

The area provided for the article’s Introduction should contain a brief summary of what will be covered in the article itself as well as information on where and when the article was previously published if applicable. This information will appear at the top of the page once the article has been approved and posted. This information is also visible to unregistered guests that browse our site.

The area labeled Main body is where you will enter the text of the actual article. This portion of your contribution will only be visible to registered members. You may wish to add a notice at the end of your article affirming your own copyrights - something to the effect that you created the article and retain all rights. This will give you added legal protection if someone else should try to post your article under their own name on another site.

If you wish to include a picture to represent your article you may do so, provided that the image conforms to our guidelines.

Once you have finished entering your article, you can click to see what it will look like when it is posted. If you are satisfied, click to submit your article for approval.

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