How do I...Report offensive, inappropriate, etc. posts?

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 09-Feb-2007 20:15

How do I...Report offensive, inappropriate, etc. posts?

To report a post that…
You find offensive, is inappropriate, contains a copyrighted image, plagiarizes another, etc. – click on the Original Image button at the bottom right of the post. This will bring up a text box at the top of the screen. Type in a brief description of why you are reporting the post then click on the button. If you change your mind prior to submitting the report you can click on the button which will return you to the topic you were reading.

If you feel that there is insufficient space to explain why you are reporting a post - or the matter is urgent - you may alternately contact the moderators ( Please include a link to the post you are reporting and a detailed explanation of what is wrong with the post.

To include a link to a specific post, right click on the post number (at the top and far right of the post) and select “Copy Shortcut”. Paste this link into your message.

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