Then what about sites offering complete books for free download? I know many of those!

Requested by Simon and Answered by Lemuel on 13-Feb-2007 11:52

Then what about sites offering complete books for free download? I know many of those!

These sites are breaking the law. They are not authorized to distribute electronic copies of John Norman's books and should be reported.

Many people do not understand why it is so important to stop the distribution of illegal ebooks. They think that what they are doing has no negative effect on John Norman or the future of the Gor series, but they are mistaken. By distributing illegal copies of the books it makes it less likely that the Gor books will be reprinted or that any new Gor books will be released.

Printing a book is not free and, given the number of books in the Gor series, it will be quite expensive to have all the books reprinted. Why would John Norman's agent spend the money required to republish the books if there is little chance that the book sales will cover the costs? Do you think Norman's agent will bother spending the money to publish Prize of Gor if people are just going to scan it and distribute it for free? And why would John Norman spend the time and effort to write more Gor books if they won't be published?

So, you see, distribution of illegal ebooks hurts more than just Norman and his agent — it hurts his fans as well. This is why we are committed to tracking down and eliminating illegal copies of the Gor books — we want the existing books to be reprinted and we want the series to continue. As a fan of the Gor series, wouldn't you like to see the series continue too?

If you know of any sites offering illegal copies of the Gor books, please report them. If for no other reason, please do it out of respect for John Norman and his wishes in this matter.

From a letter to the Gorean Group, for Gor fans, September, 2000. Previously published at the World of Gor Forum. You can view John Norman's complete letter here as well.
... E-Reads will be the only authorized publisher for my works and no other firm is permitted to publish my work. If you learn of pirated editions on the Internet please contact us. They are unauthorized. I would also, of course, appreciate your patronizing the authorized sites, if you are interested in obtaining the books.

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